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Thanks & Acknowledgements (FF version)

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Many people and several organisations have in one way or another contributed to building and improving the programme İSTEDADLARIMIZ GƏLƏCƏYİMİZDİR and we are grateful to them all. From the founder’s first day in Sumgayit in December 2006, which was crowned by a very warm reception at one particular school, the founder has met with much hospitality and many constructive and encouraging responses from Sumgayit's schools and the Department of Education, as well as the Ministry of Education. Without them the programme İSTEDADLARIMIZ GƏLƏCƏYİMİZDİR would not have become reality.

Besides thanking all the participating schools, the Department of Education of Sumgayit City and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we thank the following organisations and individuals more specifically:


  • Tural Ahmad, who was instrumental in several critical aspects of the Programme since we made first enquiries at the end of 2006. Without his help and advice, the founder would not have been able to launch the programme and to ensure its rapid growth.
  • The three very able and dedicated teachers (students at the time) without whom the Programme would not have started in 2008 and who also taught without being paid. They are, in alphabetical order: Hamida Aghahuseynova, Gunay Aliyeva and Ulviyye Mehraliyeva
  • The co-ordinators of the programme in Sumgayit who have helped to organise it since it started in 2008 and who have helped me during my visits to Sumgayit. These are: Elnur Aghayev, who also has been the treasurer of the programme since its beginning, Sakina Maharramova, Gülbahar Haqverdiyeva and Gülshan Kerimova. In particular, Gülbahar’s tireless efforts during all days of the week deserve special mention.
  • Nihade Eyyubova, who translated most of the text for this website
  • Bahar Aliyeva, Sevinc Ismayilova, who translated a significant number of pages for a chemistry manual.
  • Kamil Abbasov, who designed the logo for this website


  • The German Embassy, for supporting Our Talents – Our Future in obtaining a letter of approval for our activities from the Ministry of Education in 2011.
  • The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS), which has been almost wholly funding the programme in 2010 and in the first half of 2011.
  • The GIZ (formerly GTZ). Support has been provided in many different ways, especially by Shafiga Hadjiahmedova.
  • The Azerbaijani “Chto?Gde?Kogda?” organisation, which has organised two intellectual quiz sessions with Our Talents – Our Future for our pupils and teams from over 10 schools in Sumgayit.
  • Azerbaijan Luxury Travel, which provided a large bus and driver free for the two-day excursion to Nabran in June 2010 free of charge.
  • The Paralympic Complex in Sumgayit, which has provided swimming lessons for our pupils
  • The “TERM” Hotel and Fitness Centre, Sumgayit, which has provided swimming lessons for our pupils
  • The Franck-Kosmos Verlag of Stuttgart, Germany, (a publishing house founded in 1822) for the donation of the most complete and best chemistry experiment set on the market.




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How we help the pupils on our Programme:


  • give our pupils individual attention
  • give them tutorials in small groups
  • teach them how to learn by themselves
  • develop their independent, critical thinking
  • develop their ability to express themselves and become more confident
  • give them laboratory classes in the sciences
  • provide educational books, CDs and DVDs to them
  • take them on educational excursions
  • do sports with them to improve their health
  • arrange career advice sessions (in future)



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